This is one of my favourite photographs of the impact position. Greg Norman is often regarded as the finest driver of the golf ball in history. 




Growing up in Australia is was perfectly logical to idolize The Great White Shark and as every kid does- try to imitate what their idols do. 

I first saw Norman hit a golf ball in real time at the 1979 Victorian Open when i was 12 years old.

He was the first person I bumped into during a 'day off school' when I went to the practice rounds to watch the pros for the first time up close. Amazingly on that Monday morning his gallery included ME and ME alone. What an opportunity!!

Greg allowed me to walk around up close inside the ropes with himself and his caddie and like a sponge I listened to everything he said about the shots he was planning to play. I watched his swing close up and was astounded to see these low booming drives that would fly 200 yards before fizzing up into the sky and falling onto the turf farther than I could see. That evening I went straight to the practice range and put all the visuals and first hand knowledge I picked up that day into practice.

Who would have imagined that a few years later I would get to play with and compete against Greg in some of the biggest events in the world of golf- even knocking him off a few times such as the 1993 Australian Masters (pictured below) and breaking his Masters scoring record by 5 strokes just a few years later in 1998

My dream became a reality and mainly because of the opportunity he allowed me that day way back in 1979 when I was just a starry eyed kid and Greg reached out and offered me some of his swing keys.




                             HOW TO VIEW A STILL PHOTO OF A GOLF SWING


As mentioned the photo of Greg Norman smashing his trusty old persimmon driver is one of my favourites.

Many people have trouble viewing a still capture of a 'moment in time' during a golf swing- The golf swing is a dynamic motion and sometimes what we see in a still capture isn't really what we think- so lets look closely at this marvellous photograph and learn more about what made Greg Norman arguably the greatest driver of all time in golf.

                           THE KEYS TO BEING A GREAT DRIVER OF THE BALL 


* The first thing to notice is the perfect alignment of the left arm and shaft. This is delivering the perfect loft of the club directly into the back of the ball and virtually eliminates the clubface from pointing anywhere but directly at the target at strike point.

* The right arm is bent and supporting and close to the right hip and will not extend until well after impact

* The left knee is bent but strong. This allows the hips and body to continue to turn without being locked by any straightening of that leg. The left leg will be pulled straight into the full follow through by an aggressive pivot-body motion that continues to turn and then the arms and hands reach skyward once that rotation is maxed out.

* The right knee and leg are driving forwards towards the target with the moving arms hands and club. This shows the perfect release of driving the 'power' of the right side together into the strike.

* The weight/pressure has transferred into the left heel and the right toe is up and balancing whilst driving from the inside of the foot. This is perfect rotational forces in the feet- very natural and very much how we would walk- so Greg's balance is optimal perfection right here.

* The head and the majority of the body mass is still BEHIND the ball. This is important as it allows the force of the swing to continue through and beyond the strike. Many people try get into the left side too much too soon and they pull their upper body with it and end up smothering the hit or having to fall backwards to compensate for this - we need to be behind to work forward!!!!

* The hips are starting to clear out and the shoulders are reasonably square which will allow the torso & shoulders to keep turning after the hit and add an extra line of compression, power and speed to the shot without giving up control. If the hips or shoulders clear too soon then the body will stop and the hands will have to play catch up.

A classic golf swing that was loaded with power and enhanced for control....!!!!


I am proud to say that copying certain aspects of Greg's swing (especially the footwork- and my right foot slide that came from that) enabled me to advance to a high level of golf at an early age and enabled me to travel to all corners of the World to play a game I love.

If you want to learn many more of the things Greg Norman showed me and learn about the dynamics of the golf swing that all the great golfers exhibited and haven't already seen me in person for a lesson or for my online lessons or drills- Let's do it!!!! 

GOOD LUCK and GREAT GOLFING.....And I look forward to helping you with your game soon.