On a personal note life sometimes doesn't always go as planned. I wanted to add the following video just in the hope that one day the person mentioned in this video will understand what truly happened and why I have never seen them since that day back in February 1995 when I found out this truth. I have always missed you Emily.

I played for close to 3 seasons on the Japan PGA Tour. In 1992 I lost a playoff for the Daiwa KBC Tournament  * VIDEO BELOW*

The video is in Japanese and I have added my own thoughts as to what I was thinking during the heat of the battle.

I had six (6) Top 10 results in 1993 in Japan and still played some events there in 1994 as well before concentrating on Europe and America.

Living in Australia made the Japan PGA Tour readily accessible. There was only a one hour time change. So it was not uncommon for me to take the 9 hour flight overnight to Tokyo and then wake up in the morning on arrival and actually go play a practice round refreshed and on the correct time zone. I had an apartment near Tokyo to use when based there but I would mostly just fly home to Australia after a 3 or 4 week stint of playing events. 

The Japanese Tour was a great learning experience with the language barrier and the different culture. I also got to play with some great Japanese players such as Jumbo Ozaki, Jet Ozaki, Joe Ozaki, Shigeki Maruyama, Tommy Nakajima as well as foreigners such as Graham Marsh, Brian Jones, Roger MacKay, Todd Hamilton, Carlos Franco, David Ishii and many others who had very successful careers in Japan and were truly great players that are not mentioned much in golfing circles because of Japanese golf not really being broadcast on a global scale. 

Did I mention the prizemoney was great up there in those years also !!!