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 Bradley Hughes Golf Lesson Booking & Availability

Please be advised lesson schedule is very full and there may be NO or limited availability at the current time.

Lesson bookings are available up to 30 days in advance. If no lesson dates or times are available on the booking site that is an indication that the achedule is FULL during the upcoming time frame.

If you are stilll unsure of making a commitment to a lesson, I also have online lessons available through the Skillest app.

This is available for free download in the Apple store. Download the app, find me as you instructor to do the  lesson with. Sign up and forward videos for appraisal. 




One Hour Lessons $225 ...consisting of lesson and ongoing training drills to assist in making the desired changes in your golf motion

One Hour Lesson with  video $275....recorded swings and drills and farther training ideals forwarded to your email via the V1 Pro App

3 Lesson Package $575 ...3 one hour lessons over an extended period of time based on your schedule and our improvement goals and time frame.

One Hour Technology Lessons $300.... using advanced technology to allow visual feedback to help assist you in your improvement during and after the lesson

(choose From ONE Below)

 Trackman : The launch monitor of the pros and used on golf telecasts all over the world-  uses doppler radar to track the 3D movement of the club head through the impact zone plus 3D tracking of the golf ball in full flight until landing allowing data to be produced on almost anything that the golf club and ball can dictate to achieve the end result

 BodiTrak: BodiTrak is a pressure-sensing mat that the student stands upon while hitting. It is an amazing tool to help golferss understand how they interact with the ground, where and how their weight shifts throughout the swing and where their center of pressure is in relation to the ball to enable more consistent strikes and body motion from setup to follow through

 Blast Motion: Blast Golf focuses generally on timing and tempo. Find the rythum that allows you to hit more consistent shots. This is a great putting analysis tool also for tempo, path, face angle and much more data to help your game improve from the tee to the green 

 Technology SIX Lessons Bundle PrePaid $1500 - 6 lessons .. Take full advantage of the tecnology and data stored from each session- sign up for a 6 lesson bundle. At the conclusion you will receive stat sheets and email correspondance relating to your progress and have all the data at your fingertips for future reference.

Age 17 and Under Junior Golf Lessons $130.....One Hour Lesson  Age 17 and under Technology Lesson $180...One Hour Lesson

  9 Hole playing Lessons $425 ...allows you to bring your game to the course and covers golf instruction, course management and the mental side of golf

(in some instances an extra cost may be valid for course/cart fees)**

  A Day With Bradley Hughes $1500...........

                                       * Two hour long game/swing instruction

                                      * One Hour short game instruction

                                      * Lunch (30 mins)

                                      * 9 Hole Playing Lesson on course (course management- shot  

                                          selection- mental side- speciality shots- reading lies)

                                      * 30 minute post round discussion and question/answer time

                                      * Full access to drill videos relating to days lesson/game

  GROUP CLINICS  available at special discounted rates.....

                         2-4 people.....$340 one hour         5-10 people....$450 per one hour


 Lessons  to be paid in cash or cheque in person on the day. I now also accept all major credit cards and Venmo


Holly Tree Country Club Members receive discounted rate-- please book using Holly Tree CC member number at booking to receive discount


Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or fill in the form on the right) for more information or questions about lessons and special package pricing.




Pay a one time upfront fee and receive my expert instruction for a full year!!!

You will NEVER have to pay for any online lesson- private lesson- on course lesson- skype lesson- telephone call...NOTHING!!!

Come see me inperson for private lessons. Send me videos to watch and give feedback. Need a quick answer or want me to watch you hit balls- use the Skype button or call me directly.

I will cover everything golf related. Full swing- Short Game- Practice Recommendations- Mental Game- Course Management- Equipment....anything you need to help you become the golfer you desire.

All insights and thoughts come directly from my years of playing at the highest level with the greatest golfers in history. 

If your goal is to become more complete as a golfer in every aspect.......Allow me to be there right by your side every step of the way.


The Sandbelt Package: 15 hours of private lessons- 12 online lessons- 4 rounds of golf with on course instruction- 8 one hour Skype sessions- Full access and follow up to all drill videos..       12 months $7,500  

Purchase Here: Send email to be forwarded invoice

The Monterrey Package: 20 hours of private lessons- 16 online lessons- 6 rounds of golf with on course instruction-12 one hour Skype sessions -Full access and follow up to all drill videos   12 months $10,000  

Purchase Here:   Send email to be forwarded invoice

The Hogan Package: 30 hours of private lessons- 24 online lessons- 6 rounds of golf with on course instruction- 18 one hour Skype sessions- Full access and follow up to all drill videos          12 months $15,000   

Purchase Here:  Send email to be forwarded invoice

The Trackman Package:  60 hours of private lessons- unlimited online lessons- 12 rounds of golf with on course instruction- 25 one hour Skype sessions- Full drill video access         12 months $35,000

Purchase Here:  Send email to be forwarded invoice

The ULTIMATE golf instruction tools are now yours long term. All packages include access to my drill videos. All packages include video analysis, technology tools so you can see exactly how your improvements are occurring and worksheets to utilize for your own practice sessions. 

I look forward to giving the individual student more time and access to me directly throughout the course of the year- ALL to give you the opportunity to become the golfer you wish to be!!




Lesson Bookings

Send me your best day of availability to suit your schedule and best time option and I will respond ASAP.