We often hear the term "connection" with regards to the golf swing. So- what does connection truly mean?


     In mainstream golf instruction the term "connection' highlights the necessity to connect the arms to the body. We see all types of drills relating to placing towels under the arms and swinging in an attempt to keep the arms connected to the body. Other variations of this would be placing a headcover or a glove under either the left or right armpit and swinging the club trying to keep this item in place without it falling out.


     Is this correct? Well in some regards YES- but the reality is connection of the arms to the body is only relevent or necessary for a short time in the entire motion. I phrase the real term as "cohesive tension"- it is a more relevent use of words than 'connection' and involves the entire body- from the feet through the legs into the hips and core and trunk- up to the shoulders down the arms and into the hands and fingers- which are holding the club



As we can see in the first two photographs- Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus two of the greatest golfers of all time- neither of them could ever hold a towel or a glove in place under their right armpit at the top of their backswing. And the roles reverse coming into entry point of the strike where neither of them would be able to hold a towel or glove under their left armpit in the two right photographs.


     So why do golf instructors in general instruct golfers to put artificial items under their armpits and ask them to keep them pressured into their armpit and trunk whilst swinging from start to finish?


     The answer is simple. These instructors hold no comprehension of how forces build- evolve- oppose and work in a golf swing. They are misfeeding golfers with illogical information based on wrong analysis- incorrect diagnosis - unbalanced dynamic movement.


     So as shown by two of history's greatest players- there is absolutely no need to keep the arms connected to the body throughout the swing. It is something that cannot physically be achieved without causing detriment to other important areas of the motion.




     Connection is an important element to effective golf. But where does it really happen and why have golfers been mislead about what connection truly is and where it truly happens?


     Ben Hogan has been always been recognized as having one of the most connected golf swings of all time- a swing that most instruction has been based upon. However as shown above - Hogan definitely was not connected in the sense we have been informed. He was however connected where it mattered most- into and beyond impact- the zone where we hit with power without neglecting or giving up control.




 Hogan and Nicklaus displaying the connection of the arms in the impact region. One of the key ingredients to their controlled power and consistency under even the most intense tournament pressure.




     This is something I discuss in many of my YouTube videos. It very much revolves around forearm rotation- or range of motion available in the forearms- especially the right arm. The use of the right leg to absorb the transition and downswing also plays a massive role in the correct sequencing of this.


     Forearm range allows the hands to stay out in front of the body in the downswing - hence why the shaft will point outside and over the ball and not at the ball as generic instruction tries to tell us.


     Forearm range also produces the left arm spacing - void of connection on the downswing- as shown in the Nickalus & Hogan photographs.


     And the forearm range when used rotationally then PACKS the arms back into the body for the strike as well as uncocking the wrist and club downward onto the strike. that is how a proper divot is formed.


     It's that simple. Entirely misunderstood and misrepresented- but not by myself.


     My students are all privy to this information. I have just explained above the WHY this is so essential to a repetitive better more consistent swing. My students are taught HOW- and it is one of the very first stepping stones we work on in my lessons and online drill series. Everything that can and should happen in the golf swing revolves around this ONE fundamental that very few in the golfing world recognize or know about. The VERY reason it is aptly named - Drill ONE


     Knowledge is key. It is why my success rate with my students is so high. I lead them towards the proper dynamics of the golf swing- that are much more easily repeated via working the drills I designed to point them to the path to betterment. The body can only do what it is trained to do and what it can handle. The golf swing cannot be thought of or lucked into. The drills train the proper golf muscles by repetition. Kind of like putting brains into your muscles. 


     To learn more and importantly to learn how- you have come to the right place.


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