BRADLEY HUGHES ONLINE DRILL SERIES  $750      with my professional guidance throughout the journey        

For those golfers who are looking for the ultimate improvement tool and are not available to visit me for personal lessons- the Online Drill Series is a great option

The series consists of 5 (five) drills in a specific advanced sequence that allow the golfer to learn how to build the golf swing. 

Drill One: Delivery path and forearm/hand velocity
Drill Two: Ground forces and leg action
Drill Three: Post impact acceleration and controlling the shaft and clubhead
Drill Four: Hand attitudes for backswing/transition club loading
Drill Five: Transition & right leg loading for the downswing

Online students receive drills approximately one month apart. Correct form and muscular training of the golf action is obtained through doing the drills.
Students send in a video of the drill work for approval and analysis on a weekly basis with unlimited email access to answer questions.

For 5 months you have total access to the online drills and have your questions answered and videos analyzed. Imagine-- Full access to your own golf instructor for 5 months!

No other such offer exists in the world of golf instruction - five months access to my teaching- so take the opportunity to sign up now and build your swing into the swing you dream of and then own it.

The golf swing is a complicated chain of events. My online students learn the chain of events, in the correct sequence and ingrain the inner sensations of the motion so it becomes natural and thought free.

To sign up for my online drill series click on the link to the right of the PayPal button below:


 Regular golf instruction seems to base itself on the grip and the setup position and the backswing. From my experience this can be learned by an entirely different approach. My drills work in a specific order that allows a student to build their perfect grip via drill 1. They will build their perfect address via learning how the swing motion can alter and change throughout movement. They learn their backswing and loading of the club via learning HOW to strike the ball crisply and cleanly and react to putting the club into the desired region they need to deliver the club into and beyond the strike. These GIF swing motions of myself above (left) show the main crux of the swing...which would encompass Drills 1-2 and 3....entry into impact and exit beyond impact to finish point with the necessary ground pressures and balances involved. The middle and right swing motions show how we then learn how to load the club via our backswing and transition via Drill 4 and be able to put the club right into where we HIT the ball from. We learn the important part first and then build the motion around this. 

The address and backswing are very static positions....with my instruction we learn the dynamics of motion & learn how to handle these dynamics and pressures and forces that are occurring and they in themselves (with a little guidance and hard work) will point our address and grip and backswing right to where WE NEED them to be- based on our strengths and abilities. 

The golf swing is NOT a one size fits all attitude as far as the grip and address and backswing and even alignment is concerned. History proves this. However the dynamics of impact and motion built around entry and exit of the club and shaft and how the body moves controls the ball's precision and power and that is the way I teach my students. It works!!!!!!!

The online drill series has brought on remarkable results with golfers of all standards.
You learn the correct dynamics as displayed by the greatest ballstrikers of the golf ball ever....
You train the motion and ingrain it while keeping your own individual style and flair in the process.

Available ONLY for students who have completed the Five Drill Series.

Drill 6: Advanced swing plane drills to allow the student to monitor and become his own best coach
Drill 7: Alignment & Ball Position & Shot Shaping options based on your swing to date


$300 total for both drills as a package. Continuing students please e-mail me with said request to be invoiced for payment and inclusion to these extra drills





If you cannot make it to see me for a lesson in person why not take advantage of my new online personal lessons.
I now accept videos of your swing sent online for viewing and assessment. I will diagnose what I believe are the key components of the swing you should work on to improve your game and I will then send you back a detailed video of my thoughts complete a training plan specialized  for you with the sole purpose of giving you the correct tools to work with to advance your game to the highest level possible.
This is a great opportunity to receive expert tuition from a proven tour player no matter where you reside.

A Paypal payment of $150... I will assess the video of your swing, and point out any concerns or drawbacks that are stifling your game. 
The return 10-20 minute video lesson is all yours to watch and monitor at any time-- you now have your very own personal swing reference guide to use any time you need it.

Who wouldn't want their swing analyzed by a two time Australian Masters Champion and Presidents Cup player-- a great way to improve and learn the truth about the swing from my own personal experiences--
I guarantee I will never 'guess' what might help you improve as the normal generic teaching tends to do.

My Motto: "If you want to play your best you need to learn from someone who has played with the best"

I look forward to helping you soon:

Purchase your personal lesson right now

Once payment is received instructions will be sent regarding video size to send, camera angles, golfing ability information, goals & aspirations and other questions which will aid me in giving you the best advice I can to help improve your game.
Please allow up to 7 days for final lesson worksheet and thoughts to be delivered to you


30 & 60 minute Skype Video Session

Do you have questions you need answered about the golf swing?

Do you have questions about the short game

Do you have questions about course management?

Do you have questions relating to the mental side of higher performance golf?

Have a one on one conversation with me directly via Skype video.

30 minutes - $75 US    60 minutes - $125 US

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 ONLINE DRILL SERIES - download only- no follow up instruction

ALL Drills 1 thru 6-  now available for download at 

Bradley Hughes Golf Forum      (click link)

Bradley Hughes Golf Online Drill Series has helped dropped hundreds of strokes from golfer's handicaps - the world over- since it's inception. 

As a former PGA Tour player. Two Time Australian Masters Champion and team member of the International Team for the inaugural 1994 Presidents Cup- Hughes from his playing experience and early teaching ideas developed a unique and more advanced way to help golfers work on the correct dynamics of the golf swing- that through diligent work and intentions changes the "golf muscles" used throughout the swing. These changes allow the golfer to be able to perform their swing motion correctly more often and more efficently- so the swing beomes them- void of force or of thought. The drill series is designed in a specific order of learning that enables the golfer the best sequence of learning that has proven to give the student the greatest chance of piecing the swing together into one complete package.

Videos in the series listed below:

Drill One- 4:30 entry path to impact- using rotation and hand velocity into the strike  (available now)

Drill Two- Footwork and legwork- understanding ground forces  (available now)

Drill Three- Beyond impact and the Pivot- for power and control  (available now)

Drill Four- The wrists and backswing options to aid with transition  (available now)

Drill Five- The downswing and how we get right back to the 4:30 entry path (available now)

Drill Six- True swing plane and how to become your own best coach  (available now)  

Drill Seven- Ball position and alignment options based on your swing (coming early 2018)

Drill Eight- Shot shaping and trajectory control of ball flight (coming spring 2018)


**Disclaimer: Purchasing or renting this video series is for information purposes only. Bradley Hughes will not engage with the purchaser with regards to instruction related to these videos. That right is reserved only for full series students who purchased the online series in its entire form with the intention of utilizing my feedback throughout the course. Enjoy the journey to better golf as you use Bradley Hughes as your personal coach to better scores and a better game....



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