Hi- allow me to introduce myself.

I am a golf course.

That little slice of heaven you trekked around when you were a youngster. You were captivated by my charm and challenge.

Initially my appearance changed solely with the seasons.

Sometimes I was green when the skies opened up and gave me the nourishment to bloom.

Sometimes I was brown when the summer heat parched my roots and made me thirsty.

I was your friend and sometimes your foe, but we both held no grudges.

I was that contouring, doglegging, hazard abound landscape that tested your physical and mental abilities on a daily basis.

I now sit here partly abandoned and extremely worried I became not enough for you.

One day you were using me frequently- walking along my fairways in search of your perfect and not so perfect shots & the next day you were visiting me only occassionally.

We both aged. Our appearance and our outlooks changed.

Our love affair faded and somehow I become of less interest to you. I was shattered.

After providing so many friendships and life lessons I was a little shook up that I was now an acquaintance and not your fondest past time.

What happened? What did I do so wrong to be pushed aside with such abandonment and disdain?

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The Backswing- Finding The Right One For You!!!

     If the backswing was so important to making a golfer strike the ball well and produce a repeatable golf swing then why do the golfers above have different styles at the top of their swing?

     Is it really a fundamental to playing good golf?

     The answer is NO- it isn't a fundamental ... however... the answer could also be a resounding YES..

     Yes- because how we position ourselves at the top of the swing can set forth the entire motion of the downswing movement and path to help us produce the desired result.

     The important thing here to remember is that we HAVE to find the best top of the swing position for US. The best spot that allows a steady flow of direction change from top to down and ultimately through and beyond to the finish.

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THE CADDIE & THE PLAYER- Whose Role Is It Anyway?

There has been quite a bit of controversy over the past week about the caddie and the role they play in a golfers success and failures. This all stemmed from comments made by a golf coach who had taken up a role as a commentator.

"There are only three types of #PGATOUR player that don't want to hire an expert caddy. The first has a problem with authority. The second has low trust and the third doesn't understand the construct of a team. I wonder who I am thinking of?"

There is logic behind most statements made, but I thought I would give my sentiments...

Why should you care what I think? Well you don't have to- that's your right to refusal. Everyone's opinion is just that- an opinion.

However, as a former tour player for 20 plus years and now as a golf coach for closing in on 10 years I have a different perspective. Heck you can throw in "caddie" to my resume' as I have even caddied for some of the professionals I have worked with. So with all experience bases covered I will try and be logical- if possible.

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