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Ability is what should separate the good from the bad. The entire playing field has leveled out because of equipment that allows for mishits and by allowing clubs that are distance orientated even for the most obscene looking golf swings.

The golf ball travels too far and has terrible flight characteristics that don't allow for shot shaping. The ball flies too far and is designed to not curve and we have seen incredible ball strikers and control players such as Corey Pavin, Hal Sutton and Nick Faldo  phased out of the game.

Golf has now become a smash it as far as you can from the tee and been disheveled into a putting contest... The courses have become too short and many of the world's greatest courses are stretched to their limits and are now set up in a manner that is entirely off the mark of the original design set out by the world's great course designers of the past.

Alas, the state of the entire game has been influenced by money and equipment sales, instead of great designs that interest the player and a golfer's ability to learn to swing the club correctly to produce the desired results.

 NICK PRICE quoute.....

"With perimeter weighted clubs, considering my shots on a scale from 1 to 10, I know I wouldn't hit a shot worse than a 6- but because of the clubs resistance to subtle influences I may want to impart, my best shots wouldn't be better than an 8 or a 9.

With blades my bad shot might be as bad as a 3, but my best shots would be 10's, and the difference between 8 or 9 and a 10 at the top end of the scale is the difference between winning and losing a Major Championship"