The unfortunate thing about the technology invasion of golf is the fact that most -if not all- of the great golf courses of the past have become all but obsolete for tournament play.

Clubs and balls that fly too far have made for golf courses being built that are too long and too difficult for your average golfer. 

Golf courses have too often become residential selling areas with 18 holes attached to them. The golf course itself has become secondary to the amount of real estate that can be sold at a profit.

Distances from greens to the next tee have been increased to upwards of 100-200 yards more or less making golfers drive in carts instead of walking and enjoying the surroundings.

Course designers are trying to outdo one another with water carry holes, island greens everywhere, crazy hole designs with ski moguls down the sides of the fairway and greens far too undulating for a tour pro let alone a regular golfer.

Golf has become over priced. A round of golf now takes far too long, Golfers lose too many balls in a round adding more expense because the courses are far from reality and not well designed tests of golf that offer different avenues for golfer's of varying abilities to be able to play upon.

The great courses are stretched to their limits and cannot be used for the world's greatest events as showcase courses any longer.

Courses are being built as a huge expense because of land needed which only adds to the cost of playing the game and golf is being over priced.

I doubt things will ever get back to how they should be but it would be a great time to stop the madness and have the golfing bodies of the world reign in the technology surge before golf becomes only for the rich and unenjoyable for your average player.



This photograph of a hole shows perfectly what the modern golf game has become. 


The red line indicates how this hole was designed to be played.

With the older equipment where the ball didn't travel as far and a 'wood' was actually made of wood you had to slide a drive up the left side of the fairway and let the natural contours bring the ball down towards the center of the fairway. You then had to avoid the fairway bunker with a shot that went too far and you had trees blocking your approach if you drove too far to the right and also a water hazard for the severe heel or toe mis- hit that veered off sideways. The left side was no bargain either with rough and a downhill sloping lie adding to the difficulty.

The blue line indicates how this hole is played today with the new technology

Drivers that have hot trampoline like faces with huge heads and huge sweet spots and light graphite shafts and hard plastic balls that hardly move in flight allow a fantastically designed golf hole to become nothing more than a joke . Players now drive over all the trouble that was intended in the course design. Players now put their tee shot with in a few yards of the green, hitting a chip shot instead of the 120 yard approach that the designer of the hole required by positioning the tee shot.


This is your classic example of why great courses are now being made obsolete and why newer courses are coming up with ridiculous 520 yard Par 4 holes and 680 yard Par 5 holes- so they can try and protect par. All at a huge cost. Wouldn't it just have been easier for golf's governing bodies to reel this stuff in when they saw what was happening to the old courses and what the new courses had become?


The governing bodies of golf well and truly dropped the ball by allowing companies to advance their technology with almost no restrictions, to the point of making the course designers and even golfers from the past an after thought.  It's a very sad state of affairs




usga from Golf Aus on Vimeo.


Golf's governing bodies saying one thing and totally doing another........

And here below we have a newspaper article from 1976....with quotes and future references from the USGA equipment committee chairman about equipment that have been shelved and totally forgotten and not put into place.

It's very disappointing. If we can only take what they said in the past with a grain of salt how can we believe what they are saying now is the truth?

Ability is what should separate the good from the bad. The entire playing field has leveled out because of equipment that allows for mishits and by allowing clubs that are distance orientated even for the most obscene looking golf swings.

The golf ball travels too far and has terrible flight characteristics that don't allow for shot shaping. The ball flies too far and is designed to not curve and we have seen incredible ball strikers and control players such as Corey Pavin, Hal Sutton and Nick Faldo  phased out of the game.

Golf has now become a smash it as far as you can from the tee and been disheveled into a putting contest... The courses have become too short and many of the world's greatest courses are stretched to their limits and are now set up in a manner that is entirely off the mark of the original design set out by the world's great course designers of the past.

It is very sad that the state of the entire game has been influenced by money and equipment sales, instead of a golfer's ability to learn to swing the club correctly to produce the desired results.


NICK PRICE quoute.....

"With perimeter weighted clubs, considering my shots on a scale from 1 to 10, I know I wouldn't hit a shot worse than a 6- but because of the clubs resistance to subtle influences I may want to impart, my best shots wouldn't be better than an 8 or a 9.

With blades my bad shot might be as bad as a 3, but my best shots would be 10's, and the difference between 8 or 9 and a 10 at the top end of the scale is the difference between winning and losing a Major Championship"