Walk into any pro shop around the world.

Walk into the office of any golfing nut.

I wouldn't hesitate to argue that the image above- Ben Hogan's historic second shot to the 72nd hole of the 1950 US Open at Merion- would adorn the wall of fifty percent of those venues.

I love everything about this photo.

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Three great books that have all received the highest praise. These are must have items for the golfer who wants to learn more than they imagined was possible about the golf swing.

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Limited lessons- starting Thursday April 16 are now availble. Check my onlie booking site and make your lesson booking directly. Thankyou for your patience. Look forward to helping you with your game again soon.

Due to the current situation with the corona virus and monitoring state lockdowns, golf organizations, health organizations and the rising tolls of people being affected I believe it is now in the best interests of everyone to put a hold on any upcoming lessons until we know more. Safety of the student has always been the utmost and in light of what we are going through this seems to be the logical choice at this time. For the moment all lessons will be cancelled until at least Wednesday April 15.

Lesson availability will be open on my website from that date onwards for students to reschedule at their own choice. Farther evaluation will be monitored in the 15 days before then as to whether the start date stays there or is pushed back even later.

I am sorry for the inconvenience however this seems to right thing to do at this point based on the crisis before us in accordance with people being informed to stay at home and avoid groups of contact.

My online lessons are still available thru the “Skillest” app. Thanks and I hope to see you all again soon.


            200916_DownUnder_029_SQ_W.jpg           200916_DownUnder_082_SQ_W.jpg           Photo_8-4-20_8_21_31_pm.jpg  BLACKDuffelBag.jpg

The "DownUnder"board is now available to purchase at downunderboard.com

Using the ground is a long time catch phrase in golf instruction - but how do you you truly use the ground?

I have been teaching this pressure and force with my amateur students for over 10 years and the results have been drastic. But not only for the social player.

Just ask Brendon Todd- who has used the downunder board and trnsformed his game back from a three year stretch of missed cuts to ultimately win back to back PGA titles at The Bermuda Championship and The Mayakoba Classic.

PGA Tour stars are all heading to the Down Under board to uild their bodies to use the ground properly.... Now you can too


                         Brendon Todd          Russell Knox         Scott McCarron         Brandt Snedeker


                      Cameron Percy       Greg Chalmers        Ollie Schniederjans        Harold Varner III

 Screenshot_2020-12-28_125822.jpg donald.jpg image-asset_1.jpeg demirunas.jpg

                     Christina Kim          Luke Donald           Bryden MacPherson           Demi Runas       

 djtrahan.jpg markanguiano.jpg natelashley.jpg oliverwilson.jpg  

                    DJ Trahan            Mark Anguiano              Nate Lashley                Oliver Wilson                              

 ryannotoole.jpg robertstreb.jpg vaughntaylor.jpg chrisbaker.jpg

                Ryann O'Toole           Robert Streb               Vaughn Taylor             Chris Baker


Golf Instructor and Sirius XM PGA Radio broadcaster Michael Breed lends his motivation behind why he loves the Down Under Board so much for his lessons and his own game.


                              Other PGA Tour Stars who own and work with the DownUnder Board include:

 dennymccarthy.jpg xander.jpg horschel-pga.jpg.size-custom-crop.1086x0.jpg

              Denny McCarthy           Xander Schauffelee           Billy Horschel

hossler.jpg martin-ben-082214-USA-640x360.jpg nesmith.jpeg

                 Beau Hossler              Ben Martin             Matthew NeSmith

taylor.jpg khlee_1920_api20_d1_finish.jpg ogilvy.jpg

                Nick Taylor                 KH Lee                   Geoff Ogilvy


NBA legends such as Penny Hardaway & Steph Curry have also purchased the Down Under Board as a game improvement tool for their golf swing...

 Penny-Hardaway.jpg stephcurry.jpg

Now you can build your swing for the better just like the more than 125 PGA Professional Tour players all around the world who trust The DownUnder Board.

The great equipment report was recently released by the golfing powers that be. To many the letters in that word should be re-arranged to "grate" instead.

These reports or reminders always incite loud voices and comments- some very insightful and some just ill informed and self interest commentary.


Everyone knows where I stand. I have voiced my own concerns about the direction golf has shuttled towards for many years now. Some assume I am just an old fuddy- (I turn 53 next week) and long for years gone by. True to some degree but not for the reasons people believe.

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