What is the most important aspect of striking the ball straight and with power?


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The golf ball doesn't care who is hitting it- all it does is react to dynamics of being hit The better the sequence of the motion- therefore the dynamics- the truer, the farther, the more control your golf ball will display. It is what separates the poor player from the good player.

In the following videos I explain the Dynamics Of The Golf Swing in much more depth than you have probably witnessed before. It may be different than what you believe or have heard however what I discuss is the lifeblood of the great consistent striker.

For those that don't know the way I go about teaching it will open your thoughts to a different hemisphere of how the hit of the golf ball unfolds. For those who who have done my drill series or have seen me in person for lessons the videos will add more re-inforcement to your understanding of why and how the way I teach helps propel the student to a better level of striking that will only continue to improve as the work is done and ingrained to greater levels.

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This is one of my favourite photographs of the impact position. Greg Norman is often regarded as the finest driver of the golf ball in history. 




Growing up in Australia is was perfectly logical to idolize The Great White Shark and as every kid does- try to imitate what their idols do. 

I first saw Norman hit a golf ball in real time at the 1979 Victorian Open when i was 12 years old.

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Bobby Jones- a hero to golfers and even non-golfers will always be regarded as one of history's greatest players. His record in national Opens is unprecedented- even as an amateur player.

His achievment of winning the "Impregnable Quadrilateral" or what we refer to now as "The Grand Slam" in 1930 by winning all of golf's Major Championships in the one calendar year may never be repeated again. Amazingly Jones retired right after achieving this feat to focus on his law business.




He didn't however truly leave golf- just the playing aspect of it- as a few years after retiring from competitive play Jones brought to the world stage The Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters- now one of the four Majors that golf's elite chase every year in April in Georgia.

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One of the more confusing aspects of the golf swing for many people is the PIVOT,

What is the pivot? When does it work? Why is is so important?



The pivot is the rotation of the body not only into impact but also beyond impact. The key ingredient of proper pivot use is truly how it engages and woks beyond the strike. It is one of the most important factors to allow a golf swing to function efficiently more often than not.

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