BRADLEY HUGHES will be returning to Greenville South Carolina in December 2015 full time. Lessons will begin again in January 2016. Available dates and times will be posted under the Private Lessons Tab in the near future.

Bradley will also be looking to branch out at different venues throughout America in the upcoming year- so stay posted to check when he will be near your area to take advantage of his advanced teaching skills and experience.

Bradley Hughes Golf- Where Experience Counts 




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Welcome to Bradley Hughes Golf- The Secrets Of The Short Game.

In this video I show you setup and swing fundamentals- practice routines and drills- and club selections for a variety of situations that will allow you to hit the ball closer to the hole and save strokes.

While we all want to hit the ball better from tee to green- the golf swing itself is a much more complex task and takes diligence and practice and a longer time frame to become proficient in. The short game however is a much simpler proposition. Players of any ability- when armed with the right technique and understanding can learn and master the short game. All it requires is knowledge and some imagination.

What you will learn here in this video is PGA Tour tested andI  provide simple logic- showing you how to setup and execute these shots. You can make the short  shots a strength in your game. If you do it right you can and will hit it tight.

Consisting of 14 videos including pitch shot- chipping- putting speed- how to read putts- flop shot- long bunker shot- buried lie in a bunker- how to read a lie and specific practice routines and drills to help you improve your short game.

Enjoy. Good luck and thankyou for continuing your support of Bradley Hughes Golf- Where Experience Counts

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Why is it difficult for golfers to improve?

Why is it that just when a golfer thinks they have found the secret to success everything falls apart again and they are back at square one- confused and scratching their heads trying to find the answer again?

The answer...... The golf swing is a complex chain of events. 

We only have to sit back in a quiet space for a while to think about how incredibly talented we really need to be to put the clubface squarely on the ball from the proper path and angle of attack to send that ball somewhere near the direction we envision. One or two degrees wrong in either path angle and/or approach angle and the ball can veer 20 yards or more off track from our target.


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                  Bradley Hughes Golf- The Traits Of The Greats 


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In this 55 minute video I show you twelve lessons that the greatest golfers of all time display in their golf swings that enabled them to become the premier golfers of their eras and chisel themselves into every golf history conversation from now to eternity.

These videos contain facts based on my own abilities as playing at the top tier of professional golf and from playing with the greatest golfers of the past 50 years. I now pass these true fundamentals onto my own students as an instructor of the game.

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     We often hear the term "connection" with regards to the golf swing. So- what does connection truly mean?


     In mainstream golf instruction the term "connection' highlights the necessity to connect the arms to the body. We see all types of drills relating to placing towels under the arms and swinging in an attempt to keep the arms connected to the body. Other variations of this would be placing a headcover or a glove under either the left or right armpit and swinging the club trying to keep this item in place without it falling out.


     Is this correct? Well in some regards YES- but the reality is connection of the arms to the body is only relevent or necessary for a short time in the entire motion. I phrase the real term as "cohesive tension"- it is a more relevent use of words than 'connection' and involves the entire body- from the feet through the legs into the hips and core and trunk- up to the shoulders down the arms and into the hands and fingers- which are holding the club

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