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The Backswing- Finding The Right One For You!!!

     If the backswing was so important to making a golfer strike the ball well and produce a repeatable golf swing then why do the golfers above have different styles at the top of their swing?

     Is it really a fundamental to playing good golf?

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THE CADDIE & THE PLAYER- Whose Role Is It Anyway?

There has been quite a bit of controversy over the past week about the caddie and the role they play in a golfers success and failures. This all stemmed from comments made by a golf coach who had taken up a role as a commentator.

"There are only three types of #PGATOUR player that don't want to hire an expert caddy. The first has a problem with authority. The second has low trust and the third doesn't understand the construct of a team. I wonder who I am thinking of?"

There is logic behind most statements made, but I thought I would give my sentiments...

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