Tiger Woods will be making his much anticipated return to golf in a few weeks time. It is certainly an exciting moment for the entire golfing fraternity to be able to again bear witness to the man whose Major Championship record is second only to the greatest of them all- Jack Nicklaus.

As videos of Tiger's golf swing surfaced again as he was given the all clear to practice after his extended layoff due to injury, the questions again flowed. Will he be able to regain his mantle as a top tier golfer? Will he again be able to put fear in the golfers surrounding him on the leaderboard when and if his name surfaces there as the tournament weeks play out? 

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Bradley Hughes Golf Online Drill Series has helped dropped hundreds of strokes from golfer's handicaps - the world over- since it's inception. 

As a former PGA Tour player. Two Time Australian Masters Champion and team member of the International Team for the inaugural 1994 Presidents Cup- Hughes from his playing experience and early teaching ideas developed a unique and more advanced way to help golfers work on the correct dynamics of the golf swing- that through diligent work and intentions changes the "golf muscles" used throughout the swing. These changes allow the golfer to be able to perform their swing motion correctly more often and more efficently- so the swing beomes them- void of force or of thought. The drill series is designed in a specific order of learning that enables the golfer the best sequence of learning that has proven to give the student the greatest chance of piecing the swing together into one complete package.

Available Videos in the series listed below:

Drill One- 4:30 entry path to impact- using rotation and hand velocity into the strike  Drill Two- Footwork and legwork- understanding ground forces 

Drill Three- Beyond impact and the Pivot- for power and control  Drill Four- The wrists and backswing options to aid with transition  

Drill Five- The downswing and how we get right back to the 4:30 entry path  Drill Six- True swing plane and how to become your own best coach 

Upcoming videos:   Drill Seven- Ball position and alignment options based on your swing  Drill Eight- Shot shaping and trajectory control of ball flight

**Disclaimer: Purchasing or renting this video series is for information purposes only. Bradley Hughes will not engage with the purchaser with regards to instruction related to these videos. That right is reserved only for full series students who purchased the online series in its entire form with the intention of utilizing my feedback throughout the course. Enjoy the journey to better golf as you use Bradley Hughes as your personal coach to better scores and a better game....



There is a LOT of information about the golf swing. A lot of the translation between what makes a good swing perform consistently well is overwhelming to listen to and especially difficult to comprehend. There are several key factors that the great players all utilized- no matter how similar or different their swings looked compared to one another. 
In this video I show you the key components the great players exhibited, They learned these through imitation- trial and error- adding and subtracting little pieces to their setup- swing and feels until they found the formula that worked for them. 
Now I show you the key ingredients to understanding why they did what they did and following these guidelines will definitely help you be a better player.
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Getting setup in the right place at address with body posture- ball position- alignment can really help you improve the chances of a good shot even before you take the club away from the ball. In this video I show you everything you need to know about the setup. The Why- The How- The Who...Work on these key fundamentals with your setup and watch how quickly your ability and consistency improves.


These videos are for information purposes only. If you need a clearer explanation be sure to come see me in person for a lesson or undertake my online lesson options....all shown under the "lessons" tab on the home page of my website.

A position in the golf swing is just that- a position we achieve through dynamic movement. They are NEVER something to try and achieve!!! That look comes about from numerous forces of the body (often opposite to what you think) and the forces the body are putting on the club. Train and understand the forces and you'll get the look 👀... sign up for my drill series or online lesson via the online lessons tab of my website  or better still learn it all in person with me at my course Holly Tree CC near Greenville SC... all you will manage to lose are strokes from your game. ⛳️

If you are having trouble with mis hitting your chips this tool is great to practice with. It helps take the ball out of the equation- It has an easy alignment line on top to get your clubface aimed where you want the ball to go- It compliments a shallow swing from your forwsrd setup to get a consistent downward strike. You will find out other keys to help you through practice- use it in all areas of your practice.. chipping, putting, wedge play and even iron shots
You can order yours at eclipsegolfaid.com Be sure to enter keyword "BradleyHughes" as your coupon code at checkout to receive a discount... Get better faster and permanently with Bradley Hughes Golf- Where Experience Counts