I recently had the pleasure of talking to Cordie Walker. His website has all kinds of interviews and insturction from some of the golf industry's leading instructors and innovators.


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It wasn’t that long ago that we were all thinking  it wouldn’t be a matter of WILL Tiger Woods break Jack Nicklaus’ record Major Championship haul of titles but WHEN would he do so.

Now 6 years removed from his last Major victory at the 2008 US Open and with a 2014 campaign behind him of missed cuts- zero wins- injury troubles and a break up from his coach Sean Foley what can we look forward to in the upcoming years?

How can Woods reverse the trend and give himself the opportunity to again look at Jack’s records with a gleam in the eye and a grin on his chin rather than an inconsolate look of fear of the unknown.

The obvious question beckons….What should he do from here?


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For those who have read through my website you will see I don't put as much of a high regard on the backswing as many golf instructors tend to do. The glaring reasons being that 1) there have been so many different looking backswings in the history of golf that have performed and repeated with exemplary results.... and.... 2) the backswing is MAINLY a way of taking the club back in a manner that will enable the golfer the best way they know how to put them into THEIR hitting area.

Therefore...IF a golfer has a flawed idea about the concept of what hitting the ball is actually like then trying to force his backswing into something that won't allow that 'idea' of their hit to occur is not going to help matters much. In most cases it will only make matters worse because now the golfer has to manipulate even more movements to get back to the ball in the only manner he knows how.

This is the main reason I teach in the manner I do. I teach what the HIT is first and foremost and in many circumstances my students backswings actually change for the better because their concept of strike has altered for the better also.

So what is the HIT?


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I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Robert Blumenthal from

This site has many great interviews from players such as Ken Venturi, Tom Watson and many other instructors and golfers from various backgrounds.

Here is the 27 minute video of our conversation:

To see the remaining transcript of the rest of the interview please follow the link below...and feel free to look around the GolfConversations site for more videos and interesting insights......

Bradley Hughes- Golf Conversations. com Interview