What is the most important aspect of striking the ball straight and with power?





This is the point in the swing where the ball is struck.

Where the clubface is pointing - combined with the path of the clubhead and the angle of descent of the clubhead and the speed of the clubhead at the moment will very much determine the outcome of the shot being played.

There are many differing thoughts about impact and especially how to achieve it. Let me show you what I know and how I believe through my own experiences it releates to 100% of the best players who ever played the game.

The golf ball can ONLY do what it is told to do - so the better we get to impact the greater the chance of a successful result.

Quality of strike is the number one goal initially for a golfer. IF we can strike the ball solidly time and time again then we open up a full playing field of improvements that will eventually work into our game- being but not limited to direction of the shot and distance of the shot and importantly hitting each club the same distance each time we swing it.

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Everybody Welcome!!!!!!


Wednesday August 17-- Wednesday August 24-- Wednesday August 31-- Wednesday September 7 (weather permitting)


Each Wednesday evening starting at 5.15pm at Holly Tree Country Club. Simpsonville, South Carolina


$20 cash or check for each session is all you need to get a front row seat in learning the secrets to a better short game


August 17- chipping- flop shots- chip and run- spinning the ball- which shot to play and when

August 24- pitching- low and high shots and distance control

August 31- bunker play- buried lies- long shots- short shots

September 7- Putting- turn pars into birdies and bogeys into pars

In the event of bad weather- the sessions will be pushed back a week until all four are completed.

No need to sign up- just turn up on the evening with $20 in hand and learn the short game as displayed by the PGA pros

Every stroke counts- Give your short game the overhaul it deserves….See you soon



The golf ball doesn't care who is hitting it- all it does is react to dynamics of being hit The better the sequence of the motion- therefore the dynamics- the truer, the farther, the more control your golf ball will display. It is what separates the poor player from the good player.

In the following videos I explain the Dynamics Of The Golf Swing in much more depth than you have probably witnessed before. It may be different than what you believe or have heard however what I discuss is the lifeblood of the great consistent striker.

For those that don't know the way I go about teaching it will open your thoughts to a different hemisphere of how the hit of the golf ball unfolds. For those who who have done my drill series or have seen me in person for lessons the videos will add more re-inforcement to your understanding of why and how the way I teach helps propel the student to a better level of striking that will only continue to improve as the work is done and ingrained to greater levels.

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This is one of my favourite photographs of the impact position. Greg Norman is often regarded as the finest driver of the golf ball in history. 




Growing up in Australia is was perfectly logical to idolize The Great White Shark and as every kid does- try to imitate what their idols do. 

I first saw Norman hit a golf ball in real time at the 1979 Victorian Open when i was 12 years old.

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2016 Brings a New Year.....A New Venue.....And New Lesson Pricing 

HOLLY TREE COUNTRY CLUB- 500 Golf Club Drive, Simpsonville, South Carolina, 29681

Starting in January 2016 Bradley Hughes is proud to announce his new position as Head Golf Instructor at the beautiful Holly Tree Country Club in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

                                 Holly Tree Country Club Website   (click here)

Located less than 10 miles from downtown Greenville, Holly Tree Country Club offers a charming Southern clubhouse with full amenities including restaurants and function rooms.

Test your game on our Championship 18 hole layout. Take a swim in the pool or hit the tennis courts. 

Our new  practice facilities are second to none- with a 300 yard driving range complete with fairway bunker- an expansive practice putting green- a chipping green with practice bunkers- and a brand new pitching area consististing of 6 separate greens with variable shot distances of up to 90 yards.


Come visit me at Holly Tree Country Club- starting in January 2016 - to take advantage of my reduced lesson rates at an outstanding facility set up to test all facets of your game. If you want to play your best come learn from someone who played with the best- Bradley Hughes Golf- Your way to a better game....


For lesson reservations call my office line (864) 380-3000 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Holly Tree Country Club Members receive a discounted rate-- please book using Holly Tree CC member number and account to receive discount

Lessons in USA will begin in January 2016. Dates & Availability Updated Soon