Standing on the first tee at TPC Boston, Bradley Hughes glanced at the clock and wondered if he’d be playing alone. On his personal bucket list, Hughes, then a 38-year-old Australian, had already ticked off rounds with Seve Ballesteros and his childhood hero, Greg Norman. Now he awaited an early-morning tee time with Tiger Woods.

It was Labor Day 2005, and the crowd, eager to catch a glimpse, swelled 10 rows deep several holesahead. Somewhere in that throng were a few of Hughes’ buddies from Connecticut, who made the 90-minute drive to Norton, Mass., to witness a round they’d talk about for the next decade. Hughes was relieved when Woods finally strode to the tee, about 30 seconds before his name was announced.

Woods won six titles that year and didn’t finish worse than fourth in the majors (including two victories), but he didn’t make a great first impression. On the opening hole, he dumped his approach into the lip of a greenside bunker, needed two shots to escape and walked off with a double bogey. “The joke I always tell now,” Hughes said, “is that I must have made him nervous.”

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Many people's sole focus is believing that positions throughout the swing are important. They stand there working through the stages of a swing like a robot- placing angles in along the phases of the swing- trying to put the body and club into positions that they see or read about.

Movement- Motion & Forces are much more important than any particular look or position.

How long is the golf club going to actually be exactly parallel to the plane line on the downswing? A 10,000th of a second? The club is moving somewhere close to 100 miles per hour- the moment that parallel happens is at one very precise moment and nothing your brain can possibly wrap itself around.

On the other hand how long do we usually see the club moving down the plane line from our birds eye view of the 4:30 path- club coming from behind us with cocked wrists and rotated forearms? We see this visual unfolding out the corner of our right eye for thousands times longer.... This is something we can wrap our mind around both visually, mechanically and from a feel standpoint.

The 4:30 line is very much a visual reality because our eyes are not inline with the plane.

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Tiger Woods will be making his much anticipated return to golf in a few weeks time. It is certainly an exciting moment for the entire golfing fraternity to be able to again bear witness to the man whose Major Championship record is second only to the greatest of them all- Jack Nicklaus.

As videos of Tiger's golf swing surfaced again as he was given the all clear to practice after his extended layoff due to injury, the questions again flowed. Will he be able to regain his mantle as a top tier golfer? Will he again be able to put fear in the golfers surrounding him on the leaderboard when and if his name surfaces there as the tournament weeks play out? 

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