Why is it difficult for golfers to improve?

Why is it that just when a golfer thinks they have found the secret to success everything falls apart again and they are back at square one- confused and scratching their heads trying to find the answer again?

The answer...... The golf swing is a complex chain of events. 

We only have to sit back in a quiet space for a while to think about how incredibly talented we really need to be to put the clubface squarely on the ball from the proper path and angle of attack to send that ball somewhere near the direction we envision. One or two degrees wrong in either path angle and/or approach angle and the ball can veer 20 yards or more off track from our target.



We hear so many differing beliefs about the golf swing on the internet and in golf magazines and television broadcasts that we also become entrapped to differing logics about what really makes the golf swing tick. We try everything. We hear everything. We end up filling our head with so many ideas, logics and quick fixes that we don't know what to do. We did what the article or video said, yet for no result....or we gained a quick result that then disappeared as swiftly as it arrived.

The golf swing is like explaining a car crash. Ten witnesses can all give different accounts on what they saw. So how will we ever understand which account is correct. How will we ever understand what actually makes the golf swing perform better on a longer more consistent basis.

 Well first we need to understand that there is NO quick fix for a mature golf game. A better game and a better swing are the result of countless hours of focusing on the right things- not an endless search for a quick result. We need time to work habits into our motion.

 We also need to understand that EVERY little change we make in our swing will have a DIRECT bearing on some other aspect of our swing- this is the reason quick fixes NEVER work.... they may solve one little issue but then they wreak havoc on another area of the swing- that for all intent and purposes may have been sufficient to serve a purpose to how your swing performed. So altering one aspect to the detriment of another aspect can then cause irreparable damage. You now dont know what to work on next and the vicious cycle of chasing your tail around aimlessly begins yet again.

Have no fear!!!! My Online Drill Series takes care of all the details.


Online Drill Series- Explanation video here:


From my experiences as a PGA player and as a instructor of the game- I have done all the worrying for you. I know what is the best way to learn the golf swing. I know what changes occur from every change we make. I know the best sequence of learning that will allow you to build the most efficient swing for maximum power with maximum control. I can show you not only what a good golf swing can and will look like- but more importantly I show you what a good golf swing can feel like.

That is the essence of learning. Just like the car crash and the witnesses explaining the chain of events in all different ways- people will explain the golf swing in all different ways- because we ALL FEEL things differently. Explaining a feel is difficult because what I feel will be explained differently to how you feel the same dynamic. 

This is why my Online Drill Series has had such great success with golfers the world over.

They get to work on the proper dynamics. they get to create their own feels. They get to work the body in a way that allows the club to do what it truly does in an efficient powerful golf swing. The look of the swing- what others view from the outside- then evolves into a beautiful landscape to watch because the internal strengths, ranges of motion and pressures are instilled into the golfer. The dynamics create the visual. That is the way we improve and gain confidence to then allow us to have a greater pallet to perform from on the course. 

As our swing improves our decision making and club slection and mental beliefs and decisions improve along with that.... Golf becomes easier in every aspect.

That's the reason I have been able to drop thousands of strokes from golfers handicaps. A twenty handicapper to a three handicap. A 70 year old man from a sixteen handicap to a seven handicap. A personal best score of 120 to a 74 within 18 months. I allow the golfer to become their own best coach.....I arm them with the blueprint to have hte swing evolve. And once you have it- it will rarely go missing in action- because it becomes YOU.

To find the golf game you have always dreamed about I offer the biggest step to your improvement via my online drill series. Or better still checkout my private lesson availability in Greenville South Carolina and see me in person to receive the hands on approach to a better game.

I look forward to helping you soon- and great golfing to you all.


Bradley Hughes Golf- Where Experience Counts